I just love drawing Stella’s hair.

Stella is an elf-girl from Danish folklore. Also known as en “elle girl” locally. They’re translated into elves (and presumably helped inspire the know very popular high elves or light elves in high fantasy), so even though it’s often used to differentiate Danish elves from high fantasy elves, I decided to go with the proper English term. Technically, Danish elfgirls just appeared as very beautiful human girls. Except that they had hollow backs, and glamour spells or charms they cast at people could be broken by seeing the hole in their back. I added the pointed ears because elves today need to have those. And the hair ties into her mist-like nature.
Danish elves vary some depending on the story, so I made Stella into a mist variety known to dance in fairy circles and at the edge of the forest at night. Joining elfgirls in their dance would generally either lead to the unfortunate human dying from exhaustion or going insane.  I imagine within this universe that some other elfgirls are based on other things than mist (wood especially), but looking into Stella’s hollow back will literally dissolve her for some time. She can cover it up, but apparently that makes her feel trapped and tied down.

Other things elves from Danish folklore are known for, is shooting humans with elven arrows, with would leave no visible wound, but the victim would either die instantly or go insane. Being curses by one could also drive you insane, and they were pretty adapt at seducing humans. They also liked kidnapping people into their subterranean halls. Sometimes for marriage. Time spend on elven lands could be distorted, so three days spend there may turn out to have been a century when you returned home.
As most non-human societies in Danish folklore, elves aren’t shown as fully evil. Rather they are a very dangerous non-human people – partly mirroring their human neighbours – that you would do best to avoid. Most encounters with them generally would not go well.