Short story I made for the Danish comic anthology Fantasmagori 6.

The end.
This story is pretty far from the original fairytale where the two princesses basically both run away the night before their wedding (same night), and pretty much pass right past each other, before finding their way home. Both girls is then recognized by their own mothers, and welcomed home, where they get married and both live happily ever after.
It simply bothered me, that the two princesses never got to meet each other, so I took that idea and ran with it.

In this version both girl’s are happier getting back to their own kind, but neither of them really fit in, and the only other person to really understand them are the other changeling. Truth be told this is rather a waste of concept. A universe like this one sort of beg for an action adventure story. But that original idea just wouldn’t let me go.
Maybe some day I’ll revisit these two and give them an action sequel. They’d make a kick-ass action duo.