Short story I made for the Danish comic anthology Fantasmagori 6.

Alvilda is lucky that the closest things to Ragna turned out to be pillows.

The wand Alvilda is holding on the third frame is a “white stick”. This was made for a Danish comic anthology, and the white stick is a reference from a rather massive and very long-running Danish series of children’s books called Troldepus. It’s about a young troll boy who goes on wacky adventures by the aid of two “sticks” (wands).
There’s a white stick that will render him invisible as long as he keeps it in his mouth.
And a black stick that’ll take him anywhere he wants when he swings it over his head.
This series is one of those things that practically every Dane between 5 and 70 knows about (it’s been running for decades), but most people doesn’t realize just how much of an impact it leaves on them, as it’s a cute children’s book series aimed at a very young target group.