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Chrystel, Stereotype Angel, Stereotype Devil and Nethiel A very cute little picture from Catlove showing Stereotype Devil trying to take an preemptive strike against a certain persons flameswords.
Stereotype Devil and Angel Sonny217 was in a bind, and requested people to buy commisions from her, so I got myself two very nice sketches. I like her take on the characters designs here. :)
Chrystel and Nethiel Sonny217 was in a bind, and requested people to buy commisions from her, so I got myself two very nice sketches. Poor Chrystel...
Stereotype Devil, Skyen and Stereotype Angel Say what you want about Skyen, but he does seem to know how to talk characters into stuff they normally wouldn't do. I wouldn't want to be him once the angel gets to him, though.
Stereotype Devil I hit a lucky number at JackPot-84's gallery and got a very nice image as a prize. :D
Stereotype Devil and Angel Actually I'm very good at hitting lucky numbers. Here's another I got from Mirazie's gallery. No doubt who she think would be the dominant party in a relationship between my little stereotypes.
Lea, get well soon!
Stereotype Devil, Stereotype Angel and various other characters. A joke picture from MotherOfAllFluffbuns showing a bunch of different genderbended persons and characters connected to Tegnebordet.
We got male!Mauw belonging to Kittel_Kat, a female Skyen, two rather disturbing-looking comic characters belonging to me, a female version of my boyfriend Paranoid and a male version of the artist herself.
Stereotype Devil and Angel + Amor A valentines picture from Linnzy that was a couple of months late. That sort of arrows are very scary. X)
Stereotype Angel KitAlda is abusing the fact that she never made any deals with Stereotype Angel. Something I think a lot of his fangirls won't object to. :/
Chrystel, Stereotype Devil and Nethiel Another picture from KitAlda. This one is using a joke I've actually been thinking about letting Gwennafran use against the other girls as well... I guess it is rather obvious. One second from now Chrystel will be gone. Angelic speed and all... X)
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